Getting Started

SIE Professor’s founders and developers have been students and have had to study unfamiliar and familiar content throughout their careers. When creating the SIE Professor study materials for the SIE Exam, they looked carefully at the guidelines that FINRA, the exam’s author and owner put together and developed a responsive training tool.

After reviewing FINRA’s outline, you will notice that SIE Professor’s study materials mirror it very closely. This deliberate syncing enables the SIE Exam material likely to show up in your examination, as outlined by FINRA, to match the material found in the SIE Professor study guide. In the SIE Professor Exam prep course, you will get the following SIE Exam study materials to aid in your SIE test prep:

    SIE Professor provides the critical first step to your rewarding financial securities career. 

What's the Next Step?

After you have committed to studying for and taking the SIE Exam, click on the Start Course button below. It will take you to SIE Professor’s SIE Exam Study Guide Course. There you can sign up for your course that provides six months of access.  Try Chapter 1 for free!   If you need additional help, we also offer SIE Exam tutor services.  

What Is the Typical Study Plan, Time Frame, and Exam Date from the Day You Get Your Materials?

SIE Professor’s founders and developers recommend investing three to six months of SIE Exam study time.  This range depends largely on your existing education and experience. If you are familiar  with the Federal Reserve, limit orders, and initial public offerings, your study period can be shorter. If these topics are new to you, the material will take you a bit longer. 

When you purchase the SIE Professor’s course, you have access to the material for six months. Once you exceed six months of studying, you will begin to lose your command of the material you learned at the beginning. It is best to take the SIE Exam within six months from starting your study program.